tFrom a very early age, I had always been fascinated by art . My first influences where  in a book  my sister had'. An all in one collection of various  fairytales, which contained stories and excerpts of storys. I can remember the unexpected  party chapter, being featured from Tolkien's "The Hobbit". The illustrations seemed so lavish and fantastical, in this interpretation.  I was also really taken with the Art of Brian Froud and Alan Lee in there seventies classic  book Faeries,  which was bought for my father as a present from  my cousin one christmas.  I was addicted to this book ,so much so, my dad hardly ever saw it! It helped growing up in a more Rural edge of Liverpool, I could realy let my imagination take me to these Fae related places. I began to draw my own beings and characters. As a teenager and upto my early twenties, I  soaked up a lot of influences. I became interested in underground comics and  art from the  60s San Francisco Haight -Ashbury period, after watching  a Arena documentary about Robert Crumb. This showed much of  those counterculture artists. I liked  Kelly and Mouse and  Moscoso but I especially liked  Rick Griffin's work . Then and since then, I enjoy using the medium of black and white. I also became interested in the Dadaists and Surrealists, especially the presentation of  the  Stop-motion animated films of Jan Shvankmajor and the brothers Quay. It felt like a turning point after seeing Shvankmajor's version of Alice. I  Spent some time constructing collaged cassette covers and eventually began to have the first ideas as regards assemblage art and collage. As time went on I began to branch out, useing acrylics, oil paints. Whilst learning new mediums and techniques, I became in my spare time, an avid reader of history and , folklore, myths and legends, shamanism and  Esoteric subjects. These  where all responsible for birthing new ideas, as well as Music too, being more than a  big influence!