May all play!.....The "All One" starts.

On his decks, he wryly remarks.

The joy, the joy, to scratch this vinyl .

The ultimate begetter, strikes a sonic final.

To begin again with, sounds for all.

The natural world ,will hear my call.

Yes with these two steel wheels of mine.

We will conduct the cosmos and  jig through time!

Here lady walk  and  hear my voice.

For only Raidho will effect your choice.

But enough, enough lets have a ball !

And bust out beats, with the great Father All.


Pan as a Biosphere D.J.

Glen Tomney 2013


Collage/Assembelage piece

useing polyresin/Crystals/branches /cutouts





D. J. All.

Print price £25.00

Print image size  37.5cm x 38 cm

{not including white boarder.}