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Dagda Rock 'n Roll.

Dagda Rock n'roll.

Dagda-good god  (Ruardro Fhessa).

Lord of perfect  knowledge (Eochaid  Ollathair all father).

Dagda, Irelands cheiftan of thev Tuatha De Dannan.

Lord of life and death.

He plays four angled music, a master of music and magic.

With the three strains of sorrow, laughter  and  sleep.


With Dry-ad  Bass and the beat bird of Percussion.

Dagda (good -god)

Rock n'Roll (a genre of popular music).

Dagda rock n'roll


Collage/assemblage piece

useing cutouts/paint/stones/pinecones/crystals and shells.








Print image size 51 cm x 38 cm

{56cm x49.5 to edge of white boarder.}