Eastern Zoanthropy.

This piece is based around the deity.  Inari who has been worshipped in japan since the early eighth century.Inari  whose name derives from ine-ari (growing rice) is a very multi-fied and non codified deity.Inari has a connection with rice, and abundance,agriculture  and in the sixteenth century became a patron for blacksmiths and a  protector of warriors  for this reason many castles in japan contain inari shrines.In Osaka inari became a deity of actors and prostitutes since the inari fox shrines were often found close to pleasure quarters. The Buddhist form of Inari is called  Dakini or Dakiniten generally associated  with various manifestations of the hindu goddess Dakini who is in turn associated with Daikoku-ten who is one of Japan,s seven lucky gods and is venerated as a luck bringing protector of earth. The hindu deity Dakini is associated with the Muladhara chakra

Brahma's consort who combines the forces of the Creator,Preserver and  Destroyer who embodies  the revelation  of divine knowledge and the nectar of life (Amrita)holds several  symbolic items. The trident which symbolises her destructive energies. The Skull symbolic of detachment from the fear of death, The sword to overcome fear and difficulties, the shield for protection from those whose wish is to sway us from are spiritual path. In the work I also wanted to express an image of  the  Fox as shape-shifter this is often referd to as foxfire  spirit-foxes igniteing there tails to assume different forms if you look closely to the left of the picture you will see that the fox holds up its tail which is producing flames.I was inspired  in my research from a 12th century drawing by Tobo Sojo  showing a fox producing fire from the white-tip of  its tail.



Fertility growth and change

Inari tenjin*


Under your paw

the jewel you hold

in her four limbs fates unfold.

Vulpine spirit messanger

Sentient and  white

so young, so old

you giver of site

you visitor of dreams

you lady of light

striker of anvil

lover of night

Who will tell the beleiver the balance attract's

we should be more like you these they are the facts.

Watashi no O-inarisama

Watashi no O-inarisama

Watashi no O-inarisama


*Inari tenjin-heavenly deity inari

*Okami-great deity

*Watashi no O-inarisama-My Own Inari











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