Of Raynard and  Okami

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and many other animals have been killed by the great tornado which came after  what has been termed as "The light-shock " by the surviveing animals .


"Did you see it Raynard ? what was in the there Humans? or Spirits like great shadows walking down from the sky?and then  just the sound  of  the spinning wind  rotateing  growing louder and  stronger and now this? what where they Raynard and what did they want ?


            _Grimbert the Badger

The Elhaz-deck at the ruins of Maupertuis.......Of Raynard and Okami  a film by Glen Tomney 2015

The Elhaz-deck  at the ruins of  Maupertuis close-up Of Raynard and Okami a film by Glen Tomney 2015

Mrs Demeanor                        Of Raynard and Okami a film by Glen Tomney 2015

Of Raynard  and Okami is in production in 2015,it is early days and there is so much to be done. As it is the biggest work  I have ever undertaken.I will release news on it when it will be released.                                Glen Tomney June 2015.Update -October 2015 Musical score has been set in motion whilst more sets are being built and puppet fabrication.


Raynard  must seek out the one called  Inari to bring abundance to his people a picture in the form of a scroll is given to him by a man with one single left eye who also throws a Rune Down in front of him the rune is Ansuz.


The scroll showing two picture,s. One of a vehicle made from a large jawbone which runs on a kind of primitive looking skatebourd this is called  The Elhaz - deck . The second  picture shows the figure of an elderly man carrying a sack of rice with two white foxes standing either side of him.


In Raynard,s quest to find Okami we meet,Pictpos,Mrs Demeanor  The Morrighan and her very own  method of alternative transport,Elemental doors ,Gods and Goddesses,we find truths, lies and tricksters and Its a musical!

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Of  Raynard and  Okami talk  -I  am giveing on this film  in which I am delighted to be included  in Charlotte Rogers Casting the Bones exhibition at the Apiary,,Hackney this exhibition of Charlotte,s  work is running from june 3rd  till the 13th June  2O15 my Raynard and Okami talk being given by me 8.OOpm Saturday June 6th.

The Morrighan                                   Of Raynard and Okami 2015

The Water Door                      Of Raynard and Okami                            2015


Of Raynard and  Okami, is my first animated film. I was inspired to make this film, after seeing Ladislav Starevitch's 1930 animated  puppet film 'Le Roman de Renard '. Which is perhaps the most authentic rendition, of the tale of Raynard the fox, ever bought to screen. I felt intrigued by the story . As I began to research I found the origin, at a time, long before Starevitch's adaptatation. Raynard was part of the folklore, of France and Germany. The first however, extensive tale of  Raynard was written by Pierre de saint cloud, in 1170. The story which set the scene, of him being summoned to King Leo the lion, to answer to charges bought against him by Isengrim the wolf. Other animals come together, to bring further charges against him. But Raynard, being the trickster fox is always in trouble, yet always has the uncanny knack of talking his way out of any retribution. He is a charismatic figure, who believes that right and wrong are emotions, which are free to negotiate. Whilst the need to survive, far supersed,es any moral obligation. His strength is that he is a peasant hero, dressed as  a Vulpine  dandy, who employs wit and wits to survive. The story, or stories, of Raynard  "for after Cloud there came others" are mostly based around satire. Where the usual butts of the joke, end up being the aristocracy and the clergy.  Whenever the chase is on to bring him to justice, he will be hidden away, back at his castle "Maupertuis" with his Vixen wife "Hermaline" and his cubs. The door firmly bolted and locked, waiting for the heat to die down. Traditionally the French word for fox is 'goupil'', from the latin vulpeecula. Because of the popularity of the storys, the standard french word for fox became "Raynard ", which goes to show just what an impression he made! The storys continued into the 13th century, with Madoc maet's version and Chaucer renames his Raynard to 'Rossel" in the Canterbury tales.And still Raynard inspires  Goethe, Neitze and  in the  Muse of Stravinsky. Fairport Convention and Julian Cope and getting back to the written word,  most recently in Michael Moorcocks the Dreamtheif's Daughter. My version is not a retelling of the  classic tale, its more of a darker nature, story-wise that takes Raynard on a journey way out from his whimsical comedy comfort zone to achieve a sense of    unity ,love ,harmony and respect  in a world where oppresssors have dealt a  thoughtless destructive  blow towards the earth in the form of a global scientific experiment gone badly  wrong.The wild animals which are part of Raynards  anthromorphic animal community are  devastated by a Tornado made from time a vast spiralling vortex which swallows up  Hermeline Raynards vixen wife aswell as  King Leo ,Isengrim the wolf.