Power To The Brock.


Nocturnal Meles, Meles,

persistant omnivore.

Theres been a change in existence,

by those who preach a law.

A law thats fake and foul, it's you thats persecuted .

You Brock, the guide in the dreams of Rhiannon.

You Brock, the grounded one sacred to de dannan.

You Brock, shapeshifter tanuki in shinto

They dont want you to live your life, it's time for you to go.

Because they say you carry a disease,

wafer thin, theres no real proof.

People go unheard ,

oppressors speak a loof.

You are, our relation one of many that we know.

You are of the earth, you live down below.

For all there evil ways,

that land you in the dock.

May the wise , they send you strength

and give power to the brock.


Collage assemblage piece using cutout, Polyresin sculptured head

and  found oak branches.



Print price £25.00

Print image size  38cm x 39 cm

{not including white boarder.}