Quickill 's Quest

Quickill also known as ' Big Raven', was the first human being, Shaman and  protector to the  Koryack  people, of Russia's far east.

He Met 'Yahiyinin', existence. He asked  Yahiyinin to give him the strength to move a whale whom he wished to help push back out to sea. Yahiyinin spat on the earth and in his saliva grew the Flyagaric mushroom. He told  Quckill to ingest the mushroom and this would give him strength to move the whale. And in doing so, as well as gaining the nessesery strength to move the whale, the mushroom bought great wisdom to the koryack  people. Yahiyinin walks and  leaves a trail of past, present and future symbolism, events, opinions some of which will and wont come to pass.


Mixed media / Collage/Assemblage/piece

useing Acrylic paint/feathers/Skulls/cutouts/fur and crystals etc.


Glen Tomney 2009



Quickill's Quest.

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