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a Bath-revue

Wyrd creatures-My Thoughts towards  shareing exhibition space with Charlotte where  nothing but positive.It began in the day hanging work with valuable help by both Charlotte and ace,photographer Gerard Hutton.Charlotte,s work which was placed near the centre windows of the chapel,created a beutiful alter like prescence with many new works I had not seen before.The opening night consisted of many people whom I had not met before,but I am glad to say become freinds with since. I found myself haveing indepth conversations about The Dagda  and Quickill and there seem to be a great attraction to my Collaged works. There was a great musical set performed  by the filmmaker/Musician  Sean Kissling  He played guitar useing loops and synthesizers,the sound culminated in a perfect marriage of haunting ambient drones and intersteller exploration.It was the begining of what became an amazeing week.Below is a snippet of are mention of Wyrd Creatures from The Bath Magazine.  -Glen Tomney 2015.

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Wyrd Creatures -Walcot street exhibition.2015

Below- The doors open to Charlotte Rogers Stunning sculpture work

Below-Thats me!that is-photo by Charlotte Rogers 2015