Priapus 23  a poineer in   dark  ambient music.

Firstly with his own outfit, A.T.F. Akoustik.Timbre.Frekuency offers a plethora of , Magickal ,ritual pathways to evrey listener. Check out link below.

 My other recent projects include playing at "Stripped to the Core" Animistic Art and magickal revelation, a night held at the Apiary studios,Hackney road  in London by the Artist/Animist /Author Charlotte Rodgers in which myself  Freya Black  on Q-chord  and Andrea Kundry  played Gamelan percussion at the event we backed Charlotte's words with a soundscape of tribal  gamelan percussion, Q-chord and  Guitar loops.There was also a repeat performance of This work recently which featured Chris Chibnal on Theremin.

Soundworks and soundlinks

Dagda Dubs 2 Fender-sepia IMGP5754-sepia IMGP5756-sepia IMGP5759-sepia IMGP5757-sepia Didge Tabla Theremin Drum IMGP5754

Willow Freeman maker of beautiful hand crafted f Native american style flutes,made from naturel materials for connection and healing.

Check his work out on the link below.






Music is something I have always been interested in, it first began when I was only a small child,.  I had an intense fascination with T.V. themes and my fascination with music has only grown with age. In my teens I liked  listening to hard rock , heavy metal, hip-hop and cross over styles. Then as a young adult I graduated to 60's and  70's psychedelic music, prog rock and  from there onto folk , dance-music and dub. As time went on, this all became a big influence on my art. I  moved onto listening to more avant garde experimental sounds, such as industrial, drone  and ambient music . My first instrument was a drumkit  I hounded my parents for whilst still at school  but after a few months it became apparant that the neighbours did not share my enthusiasm and so in my early twentys I began to experiment with synthesizers and purchased a rogue moog and a juno 6 and also managed to get hold off a a tascam 4 track and slowly began to learn recording techniques  being influenced by the bbc radiophonic workshop and the white-noise album an electric storm as well as  joie hinton  the now ex-synth/player programmer  from Ozric tentacles /Eat static I put a collection of  tunes together which eventually ended up as a free download e.p.on Ruby black,s  digitaldizzy label  entitled  "Dagda dubs"  the music mainly stuck to blends  of folk music and electronica aiming for a 'folktronic' lo-fi  mix.Mostly mixed on tascam apart from "Lorien glorien" which was edited on computer.Whilst instrumentation came from Didgereedo, Synthesizer and  bass guitar  originaly made in Derby,Manchester and Leeds  England over a two year period.  Ruby,s help in the project was invaluable and its been great to connect with someone who is true figurehead in the underground music scene.


Later in 2015 I worked with Phil Cross an old freind who has a background  in Dance music  and has much the same interests in cut and paste music as myself and we collaborated  on another e.p. "Audio Cartography " also out as  free download on digitaldizzy  it was a 3 track collabaration on which we settled on themes  being heavily influenced by radiowaves,static and drone  like themes and industrial  music  Phil played acoustic guitar and programmed  samples and beats for the track  "Universal women "earlier that year I purchased a droneitar from instrument builder Tom Fox.The droneitar being a two stringed  lute,sounding similer to a eastern  Tambura but working   from a motor which causes vibration under the strings  to produce a droneing sound. We used the instrument  through a wah pedal and a mooer slow engine with added delay.The mission was to produce a a dance track with drone of which I think we where succsessfull whilst still retaining a spiritual ,ethereal , element with the acoustic ,reversed  vocal chant and drone of this I feel we sucseeded.I am now in the process of createing a film soundtrack  for my first film and working with freinds and collabaraters,whilst also playing electric lead and rythm guitar for "The Vulpinz",Who are a 4 peice playing electric and acoustic instruments , synth and loops.


                    (Click on cover)  below to link to digitaldizzy to listen to both e.p.s